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Golden Book

« An excellent event organised by the Chinese Business Club. »
Gengyun AI, GM Europe Jinjiang

« Thank you for these exciting discussions and opportunities to share. Well done for your decisive action in strengthening links between France and China. »
Gabriel ATTAL, Member of the French Parliament for Hauts de Seine Department

« Thank you Harold for the Chinese Business Club, I won’t miss the next ones and one day, i will come with Jack MA. »
Sébastien BADAULT, CEO Alibaba France

« Long live the friendship between France and China! Bravo and thank you to the Chinese Business Club for keeping it alive in an effective and pragmatic manner. »
Aurore BERGE, MP from Yvelines

« With all my congratulations for this marvellous adventure, which strengthens the very necessary links between China and France.»
« A marvellous meeting of figures from different universes enabling a coming together of ideas and cultures to showcase multilateral relationships, especially between China and France. »

Jean-Louis BRUGUIERE, Council of Europe.

« Sino-French co-operation represents future economic prosperity. »
Guofeng CAI, Managing Director, CCPIT China

« Congrats for the creation of this networking key place ! Long live to franco chinese friendship »
« Well done to Harold Parisot for having created the Chinese Business Club »

Mingpo CAI, PDG Cathay Capital

« Thank you to the China Business Club for having helped the France economic team reach out to a major partner in the world economy: China. »

« Thank you to the China Business Club for having helped the France economic team reach out to a major partner in the world economy: China. »
Bernard CAZENEUVE, former Prime Minister

« Many thanks for the warm welcome and interesting discussions: a hallmark of the Chinese Business Club. Friendship. »
Hervé de CHARETTE, former Minister for Foreign Affairs

« I am very happy to attend the Chinese Business Club each time. It is a real bridge between the Chinese and French business worlds. »
Lan CHENG , Managing Director, China Mobile

« A big Thank You to the France-China Chinese Business Club.»
Zhen CHEN, Managing Director, Aviation Industry of China

«The Club where all French businesses that work with China must be present. »

« I really enjoyed being part of this wonderful lunch, being in good company and listening to the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. »
Claude COTTALORDA, Ambassador for Monaco

« Everyone can live at the top of the mountain without suspecting that true happiness lies in how you go up the slope. »
Jean-Charles DECAUX, JCDecaux CEO

« The reconciliation between ideas and resources thanks to the Chinese Business Club promote and strenghten the permanent situation which exist between our two countries. Thanks to the ChineseBusiness Club for your role, efforts and convictions. »
Laurent DASSAULT, Group Dassault

« The powerful of Harold Parisot the president, is the height of the franco chinese challenge. Congrats. »
Renaud DONNEDIEU DE VABRES, former Minister of Culture

« A magnificent bridge between China and the West. The best way to get to know one another is to listen to one another. My thanks to the Chinese Business club for offering this forum. »
Mingming DOU, Director, Richemont China

« Long live the Chinese Club! Asia and China in particular should stand alongside us in our projects. »
David DOUILLET, former Deputy of Yvelines

« Lot of things is told during the Chinese Business Club lunches. »
Roland DUMAS, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

« An excellent period of discussions and meetings in a setting that blends business and discovery. »
Nicolas DUPEUX, Managing Director, AccorHotels Arena

« Always pleased to see China and France tighten the ancient ties that make the two great nations of culture. »
Renaud DUTREIL, former Minister

« It is always a pleasure to return to the Chinese Business Club. A real bridge of Sino-French friendship on economy and business, enabling the future to be built between our two countries. »
Zhaohui FEI, GM China Exim Bank

« Thank you for this very enriching moment. Best wishes to the Chinese Business Club France Chine. »
Laura FLESSEL, Minister of Sport

« For myself, Chinese Business Club lunch is a good opportunity for networking. Thank you for your role on the intensity and quality for Franco chinese relationship. »
Louis GALLOIS, PSA Peugeot Citroën

« I invite Chinese and French women to work together to stimulate and boost economic and commercial cooperation between China and France. »
YuanYuan GAO, Minister to chinese Ambassador

« The Chinese Business Club is precious link of meetings and opportunities. I hope that in the near future, it will be of benefit to the Central African Republic. »
Michel GBEZERA BRIA, Ambassador of the Central African Republic

« In the service of this balanced cooperation that we all wish for. Best wishes to all our Chinese friends for an excellent and propitious Chinese New Year. »
Anne GENETET, Member of the French Parliament for the 11th Constituency of the Overseas French Community

« Here has been written one of the first pages of the Franco-Chinese history of Club Med. I am happy to come back to Chinese Business Club to celebrate its success. »

« I should like to thank Mr. Parisot for having invited me to this magnificent Chinese Business Club lunch. It enabled me to meet very interesting figures from the world of Chinese business. »
Charles GOMIS, Ambassador of the Ivory Coast

« The Chinese Business Club is one of China’s essential windows. »
Ulysse GOSSET, International columnist BFM TV

« Dear Harold thank you for this initiative, it’s an invitation to travel, business, and to further friendly meetings. »
Nicole GUEDJ, former Minister

« Congratulations Harold Parisot for everything you do for France and for China’s relations. Our Chinese friends are honored to take part in the Chinese Business Club’s events. Many thanks! »
Jeanne d’HAUTESERRE, Mayor of the 8th district of Paris

« With my gratitude and thanks for the work done by the Chinese Business Club to bring France and China closer together. The work is productive and effective. »
Anne HIDALGO, Mayor of Paris

« I came, i saw, very affected, and very well welcomed to the Chinese Business Club! »
Robert HOSSEIN, Film Director and producer

« Long Live Women’s Day! Best wishes. »
Isabelle HUPPERT

« As always, friendly and useful rally of franco-chinese business. »
Anne-Marie IDRAC, Bouygues, Total, Saint-Gobain and Suez Administrator

« This has been a very good opportunity to network with a new business interest group. I hope more of such opportunities to meet potential new business partners of business enterprise with emerge through this club. »
Modupe IRELE, Ambassador of Nigeria

« I am delighted to always be able to hold exchanges at the Chinese Business Club. Thank you, Harold Parisot. »
Joyce JONATHAN, singer

« Thank you for the welcome. It is a real pleasure to return and to be able to meet so many people with exceptional destinies. »
Camille LACOURT, swimming World Champion

« Thank you for these moments of sharing and conviviality at the Chinese Business Club. It’s a great pleasure to come back every time. »
Bernard LAPORTE, former Minister

« If you go there, you return there! Best wishes. »

« A wonderful and rich meeting at the Chinese Business Club, which confirms for me the need to create forums for dialogue that bring together all Franco-Chinese economic and institutional players. »
Marie LEBEC, MP from Yvelines

« Thank you to Harold Parisot for this successful initiative as part of the Chinese Business Club, which he chairs with authority and competence. See you soon for its next edition! »
Jean-Pierre LECOQ, Mayor, 6th District, Paris

« The Silk Road opens up the pathway for strengthened cooperation between China and France. The Chinese Business Club can be one of the crucibles for that cooperation. »
Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister of Foreign Affairs

« Developing and reinforcing business links and trust with China form a major challenge for Paris. That is particularly the case for tourism, for which China is one of the leading markets for our city. »
« Remarkable testimony from Ming-Po Cai. Captivating and inspiring. Thank you to the Chinese Business Club! »
Nicolas LEFEBVRE, GM Paris Tourism Office

« Congrats and good luck to the Chinese Business Club which deserves a great success ! »
Jean-David LEVITTE, French Ambassador

« Congratulations for these great events. All the best for Chinese Business Club and business development of French & Chinese companies. »

« Very good meetings. This Club is a true bridge between China and France. »
Sheng LIU, Managing Director, Geely

« An exceptional club in legendary Parisian locations, with a friendly, convivial and very constructive open-minded atmosphere! »
Lucie LIU, Phoenix

« The Chinese Business Club is an excellent platform for connecting people and doing business. Well done! »
Wei LIU, MD Comac China Liu

« I am very happy to discover the wonderful meeting at the Chinese Business Club, and I hope that it will lead to others. »
Sylvain MAILLARD, MP from Paris

« Thanks for this business lunch and this free time discussion between China and France. I deeply value this relationship. Regards. »
Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic

« What a nice initiative from Chinese Business Club France China. Let this Women’s Day wish us good luck! Thank you. »

« Thank you, Harold! Let us all work for win-win relationships! »
Frédéric MAZZELLA, Chairperson and Managing Director, BlaBlaCar

« Congratulations to Harold Parisot who took the initiative to create the Chinese Business Club France-China. »
Stéphanie MENEUX DE NONANCOURT, CEO Champagne Laurent-Perrier

« A big Bravo to the Chinese Business Club for its dynamism and initiatives. China must take up in the world the diplomatic, strategic, and intellectual position conferred upon it by its power and its history. »
Gérard MESTRALLET, President Engie

« A superb Club where excellence dominates discussions. I shall be one of your strongest advocates. »
Rulin MIAO, GM China Construction Bank

« With all the sympathy of a chinese lover since the childhood and the Blue Lotus. »
Frédéric MITTERRAND, former Minister of Culture

« I would like to sincerely thank Harold Parisot for having offered me the opportunity to present the facts about the Monegasque economy with the aim of boosting trade between China and the Principality of Monaco. »
H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco

« With best wishes and long live the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. »
Nelson MONFORT, France Télévision

« Congratulations to this wonderful initiative aimed at bringing about meetings between businesses from our two countries. Warmest wishes to you. »
Arnaud MONTEBOURG, Former minister

« My best wishes for the Chinese Business Club to which I brought very little, but with friendship and interest. »
Jean d’ORMESSON, French Academy

« Wonderful meetings and pleasant shared moments that auger well for business collaborations and opportunities. Thank you to the Chinese Business Club and its Chairperson. »
Sarah OURAHMOUNE, Boxing World Champion

« The Chinese Business Club’s France-China objective is to promote Franco-Chinese economic dialogue amongst the highest levels of chinese government authorities. »
Harold PARISOT, President of Chinese Business Club

« Harold, thank you for the privilege of speaking before this assembly, which combines focus and conviviality. Best wishes. »
Guillaume PEPY, Chairman and Managing Director, SNCF

« Partnership is the key to economic success. »
Patrick POUYANNE, Chairman and Managing Director, Total

« Thank you for your welcome and for this contact with China on the move. »

« How to develop the business in china ? You need to like chinese people. »
Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, forme Prime Minister

« Thank you to the Chinese Business Club for helping me to get started as I begin my mission in Beijing. »
Jean-Maurice RIPERT, French Ambassador in China

« A big ‘Thank You’ to the Chinese Business Club for precious moments for exchanges, meetings, and bridges between China and France, which me must continue and strengthen. Best wishes. »
Laurianne ROSSI, Member of the French Parliament for Hauts-de-Seine Department

« In the name of the French National Assembly France-China Friendship Group, thank you for reducing the distance between our two cultures, fostering partnerships, and celebrating women who play a role in France’s influence. Best wishes.»
« The Imperial Hall is an ideal setting for receiving our Chinese hosts. Our mutual outreach will be the source of many partnerships. »

Laetitia SAINT-PAUL, Member of the French Parliament, Maine et Loire Department

« Harold, thank you for having set up this club; the meetings there are always interesting. See you soon.»
Samuel SAMYA, Chairperson and Managing Director, ASD International

« I would like to thank you warmly for the Chinese Business Club lunch. It is my sincere pleasure to trade with the Chinese community and to share my vision of China’s role in the world. Finally, this meeting was an opportunity for me to reaffirm my love for this country and for the entire Asian community in France, to which I am particularly attached for many years.»
Nicolas SARKOZY, former President

« China is to France what Love is to Woman: the essential part of life. »
Jacques SEGUELA, publicist

« I am very happy to take part in the Chinese Business Club. These events are of great interest and help to develop relationships between Chinese and French businesses. »
Weiliang SHI, Managing Director, Huawei

« Yet another wonderful event at the Chinese Business Club, showing the richness of Franco-Chinese relationships, and reminding us of the dynamism of the Chinese business community.»
Rebecca SILLI, President of the Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

« I hope that the Chinese Business Club will be able to bring about even more Sino-French economic and technological contribution and cooperation. »
Yuming SUN, Minister-Ambassador of China

« Very pleased to take part in this Chinese Business Club event. »
Hervé TAN, Managing Director, China Moutai

« A wonderful trajectory for the Chinese Business Club France Chine, which I knew at its ambitious beginnings but which, thanks to the hard work and tenacity of its chairperson, now welcomes the most prestigious guests. »
Buon-Hang TAN, Member of the French Parliament for the 9th Constituency of Paris Department

« I wish the Chinese Business Club a prosperous future. »
Zhihong WEI, Managing Director, UnionPay International

« The Chinese Club is a very effective place to exchange ideas on the development of cooperation between China and France.»
Jufen YAN, President China Chamber of International Commerce

« I hope the China Club will become the bridge between Chinese companies and their French partners ! »
Shengliang YANG, CEO China UnionPay

« Chinese Business Club represents an excellent platform of communication and commercial exchange between chinese and french companies. »
Qide YU, CEO ICBC Bank

« Great event! I found a new bridge to the Sino-French business world! »
Alex YUAN, Managing Director, Wison China

« Excellent meetings between French and Chinese businessmen. »
Xiaobei ZHANG, President Nouvelles d’Europe

« A great success of the Chinese Business Club between french and chinese exchanges! »
Jian-Fang ZHOU, President of the Association of Chinese Travel Agencies in France

« I greatly appreciate the activities organized by the Chinese Business Club. Thank you for your efforts at promoting cooperation between our two countries. »
General Qi ZHOU, Embassy of China